Celebrating the Holidays Divorced Style

Celebrating the Holidays Divorced Style

The holiday season is the one time of year where family time is emphasized. Many divorced parents struggle to find a happy medium during this time for their children. Shuffling children from house to house on a special holiday creates more stress than holiday cheer for the children and their parents. Even with custody guidelines in place, parents can work together to create great holidays for their children.Alternate HolidaysAlternating holidays is one of the most ideal choices for divorced parents. When you consider the four main holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, it gives each parent the chance to have two holidays on the actual day with their child. Each year it can be alternated so that no one parent is able to have children on a specific holiday over another. This is also convenient for catering to work schedules as many people are not able to get some holidays off every year or the days surrounding them. Christmas is the one holiday that is centered around gifts. For this reason, one parent can choose to celebrate the holiday before or after the day while the other parent has the child on the day.

Establish Set DaysTo help decrease the hustle and bustle during holiday times, some parents opt to establish specific days each year when a holiday will be celebrated. Perhaps it is the weekend before or after the actual day. As families grow, this option becomes more ideal. It allows distant relatives to visit on an alternative day and allows them to stay home with their loved ones on the specific holiday. This option is also best suited for families that are composed of two divorced parents with older children that have their own families and lifestyles elsewhere.Celebrate TogetherWhile it is a rare option, celebrating together is another way of balancing the holidays in a divorced family. Those divorcees that have maintained a peaceful relationship between themselves and their families find it easiest to have one large dinner to celebrate a holiday. Overall this creates less stress as no one person is obligated to cook. With many members in a divorced family, there are more than enough people to bring a dish to pass. Overall this creates a fun atmosphere a few days a year and maintains normalcy in a child’s life.

The method at which to best deal with holidays in a divorced family is specific to the needs and situation of that family. There is no right or wrong option to choose. In the end, holidays are about being surrounded by friends and family while enjoying memories from the past and making new ones. Creating those picture perfect moments for your children should be the priority over any anger or resentment that exists.

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