Establishing a Holiday Custody Calendar

Establishing a Holiday Custody Calendar

The holidays are rapidly approaching. While some parents are worried about decorations, family parties and what to make for that ever-famous holiday dinner. However, if you are divorced or separated from your partner and you have children, decorations are the least of your worries. Your biggest worry is probably how visitation works with your children for the holidays.As a parent, you want the best for your children and you want to spend quality time with them during the holiday season. How do you make it work though? Making a custody calendar for child visitation specifically during the holidays is a great way to ensure a fun and wonderful holiday season. What does it take to make a good holiday custody schedule?

Having a calendar that outlines custody and visitation for the holidays is important. Making a calendar can be difficult. Here are some guidelines for making an effective holiday custody calendar:Give your children voices. Let your children speak up and tell you how they want to spend the holidays. Your children need to know they are important to you so let them share their ideas and wants.
Make a list of events. Having a full list of all the events that occur during the holidays is essential. Though there may be some events that come up unexpectedly, having an event list that includes parties, get togethers and dinners will help.
Give up some events. Be willing to give up some events that do not fit in the schedule. There may be too many events that not all of them cannot be attended. Prioritize events so the most important ones are attended.
Remember extended family. Your extended family members want to spend time with your children. Making an event especially for extended family to get together is important.
Be willing to compromise and stay flexible. It is important that you be willing to compromise and keep your schedule flexible. Being inflexible and unwilling to change your plans will make things more difficult and less smooth.
Work with the other parent. To make the holidays work better, work with your children’s other parent to make a cohesive schedule that works for everyone involved.

The holidays are special times that your children will remember and reflect on over their lifetimes. Having an effective holiday schedule will help ensure that those memories are happy and cherished by your children. Make this holiday season especially wonderful by making a good custody calendar upon which both parents agree.

Are you unsure of how to make an effective holiday custody calendar? Use Custody X Change software to help you create a comprehensive schedule that will make the holidays wonderful.