Get Organized For the Holidays: 5 Steps to Simplify and Clarify Holiday Traditions

Get Organized For the Holidays: 5 Steps to Simplify and Clarify Holiday Traditions

Almost every family around the world participates in some sort of family holiday tradition. These traditions offer the rare opportunity for families to put aside the hustle and bustle of everyday life to enjoy the holiday together. Unfortunately, traditions can also turn stale and boring, which over the years, you and your family don’t seem to enjoy anymore. Yet, for one reason or another, many fear to break the tradition to keep from hurting someone’s feelings or to avoid family conflict. Would you like to know which holiday activities your family truly enjoys? All you need to do is ask them. Turn this holiday from predictable to memorable in five simple steps.Reflect:Before the madness of the holiday season gets into full swing, take the time to reevaluate your holiday traditions not only for yourself but also for your family. Once you have finished your holiday dream exercise, which you can find HERE, take a few moments to create a list of all the holiday traditions that your family participates in.

Strategize:With your holiday dream in hand, put on some holiday music and gather the family around for a meeting to discuss this year’s upcoming holiday. During this meeting, share you holiday dream with them and ask them to honestly share what they liked or disliked about last year’s holiday. WARNING, there may be some awkward moments of silence while family members give you strange looks while trying to comprehend what you just asked of them simply because they’ve never been asked for their opinion before. Once the shock wears off, slowly they will begin to warm up and you will witness their eyes light up with excitement as they share their holiday dreams with you as well.You may be shocked to learn that for years your family may have only pretending to enjoy the routine traditions as a way to appease you. Traditions that were fun 5 years ago may not resonate to the family you have grown into today.Simplify:As a family, make a list of holiday traditions, which everyone agrees, should or could be eliminated.Next, create a list of any new activities and festivities that you and your family would like to participate in this year.It could be as simple as wanting to create a gingerbread house together to something more elaborate as traveling to Walt Disney World to enjoy the holidays. Yes, Disney World might not be in this year’s budget but you can always plan it for next year.

Now take a moment to imagine the relief you will feel as you eliminate the stress out of trying to keep up with a tradition that you or your family have outgrown and don’t enjoy anymore.Relish The Season: Together as a family, you can truly look forward to a holiday filled with only the traditions that have meaning to your family and be excited about new activities that will create lasting memories.Create A New Tradition: Don’t let this meeting be a one-time occurrence. Keep the holidays fresh and alive but turning this meeting into a new pre-holiday tradition. I’m sure this is one tradition no family member will ever get bored with.

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