Strategies For Developing a Memorable Holiday Photo Card

Strategies For Developing a Memorable Holiday Photo Card

It is a longstanding tradition to make holiday cards more memorable and unique by including a terrific photograph. For many people, it is an annual challenge to create a holiday photo card that outshines the one that they sent out the year before.While creating personal holiday photo cards should be an enjoyable endeavor, choosing a great and unique photo can be easier said than done. We’ve all known people who become quite anxious in deciding on the “perfect” picture. For example, should it be a funny or candid shot or should it be a posed portrait? And what about including the family pets in the photo? Here, we offer tips on creating memorable holiday photo cards by choosing great pictures.Do You First Choose the Card or the Photo?The short answer to the question about whether to start first with the card or the photo is to go with whatever works best for you in getting those creative juices going. Perhaps you’ve already chosen the picture and now you want to look for a card that suits it. Or maybe you’ve found a terrific Christmas card first and now want to take a picture that complements its style and design.Regardless of which works best for you, it is fun to check out the greeting cards currently available to spark some great ideas for the kind of photo you want to take. Also, the size of your favorite card may be a determining factor in your choice of holiday photo; for example, if the card is fairly small, then you want to choose a photo that fits that size. And some cards are large enough that they offer the choice to include more than one photo if that works for you.

It’s always a good idea to explore the selection of holiday cards that are available to you because that may inspire you to take a terrific photo that matches their style and design.Ideas to Make Your Christmas Photo Cards Stand OutSome people who have a tradition of sending out holiday photo cards think their families and friends only want to see pictures of their children or their pets or both together. Either Mom or Dad may be camera-shy, or they may think that the recipients of the card only want to see their cute kids and pets, but the holiday season is a time for sharing so jump in front of the camera this time to share a photo of your entire family.Another idea to be different from the crowd is to choose a black and white photo for your greeting cards. If you are using a digital camera to take your holiday photo, it should have a setting that lets you take a black and white photo. If not, there is software available to convert color photos taken by digital cameras into a grayscale image. One tip for taking a great black and white photo for your holiday cards is to keep the subject matter simple and uncluttered.If you are going on a family vacation regardless of the time of year, why not take along some Santa hats for all those who will be featured in your holiday cards? That way, whether you are all on the beach, at a national park, or in some exotic locale, you can slip on the Santa hats to take a picture in these settings for unique holiday cards.While hiring a photographer for professional portrait pictures is an option, sometimes candid shots are often more fun and show true personalities in photos. Why not consider taking pictures of the family while involved in some of the activities they enjoy? You can put a smile on the faces of your friends if they receive a holiday photo card with your family acting silly or goofing around.Here are Some More Suggestions for Your Holiday CardsPerhaps these additional suggestions will inspire you to take a great photo for this year’s holiday cards.

o Taking a holiday photo of your family trimming the Christmas tree may be an oldie, but it is also a goodie. Think of Norman Rockwell when choosing the activities featured in your photo, like Dad putting a star on top of the tree, Mom placing an ornament on the tree, and the children peeking at their gifts or shaking a present, trying to guess what’s inside.o If you take holiday photos for your cards every year, then you might include the year of that holiday season in the picture. You can incorporate the numbers of that year in unique ways by having the folks in your photo hold them in an unusual or fun way.o Sure, it’s a bit silly, but how about putting some reindeer “antlers” on your children and furry friends? That always makes for a cute photo.o Surprise! Take a holiday photo of someone in your family popping out of a large gift box near your Christmas tree, complete with bows and wrapping paper.Whatever photo you choose for your holiday cards, remember it’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Just plan early enough and give free reign to your imagination.

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