Why It’s Important to Have The Joyful Out of Vacations

Why It’s Important to Have The Joyful Out of Vacations

We know for a fact that you don’t need to be reminded that the holidays will soon be here. What are the clues? The leaves are falling, the weather is cooler and the holiday blitz has begun. Soon you will be surrounded by it, feeling as if there is no place to hide.If you have experienced a forever change, whether it be a divorce, illness, job loss or death of loved one you may certainly want to hideout. We know we did and many of our clients do to.Why do you want to hide? Simple. This is not a “happy” time of year for you. This may be a difficult time of year, a sad time, and or a lonely time. Happy? We sincerely doubt it.You can’t really hide from Happy. Everyone you encounter, all well meaning, say Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. You see it in the paper, on the TV, at the grocery store, the mall, even at your local WAWA. You are surrounded by Happy and no-one seems to see that Happy is making you UN-happy and sad.

The Happy Holiday situation is very upsetting and challenging, but not hopeless. You can do something about it. You can intentionally choose to take the Happy out of Holiday. Yes, you can do that by exchanging the word happy for peaceful. Instead of Happy Holidays, make it Peaceful Holidays.Peaceful feels easier. Probably because it brings up feelings of calm and evokes a sense of quiet. You may not be happy during the holidays but you can feel peaceful moments during the holidays. That is obtainable.Here are some small steps to intentionally take the Happy out of the holiday and replace it with a Peaceful Holiday to obtain peace within yourself and your environment.• Tell your friends, co-workers, acquaintances and family to wish you a “peaceful” holiday rather than a happy holiday• When someone wishes you a Happy, reply with Peaceful, or say please with me a Peaceful• If you want to decorate your home, decorate it with the word peace to remind you that you can experience these moments

• Hit the mute button on Happy by turning off the music and switching the channel on the TV when Happy appears• Volunteer during the holiday season to experience the gratitude of others. This creates can create peace within yourself• Accept where you are in your grief and let your emotions ebb and flow like the ocean. Allowing them to come in and out, not fight them, creates inner peaceNow you know you can take the Happy out and bring Peace into your holidays. It may still feel hard and painful, however you can do hard things. Have a Peaceful Holiday Season.

If you or someone you know is 1-5 years out from a loss or forever change due to a divorce, major illness, death of a loved, job loss or any other transitional life event… the gift of healing, empowerment and transformation maybe be the perfect gift.Contact Sharon at 856-270-2308 or Pat at 856-905-9343 or email at info@afterwardsprogram .com